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  • Soil Samples - Soil sample analysis is a service offered by the University of Florida for a fee.Tests and pricing on form.
    The Levy County Extension office, located at 625 N. Hathaway Avenue in Bronson can provide you with soil sample bags, order forms and instructions on how to properly pull, prepare and submit your sample. You must either mail or deliver the samples to the University Soil Analytical Lab along with your payment. Directions to the lab or a mailing box are available at the extension office.
    Once you receive the results and recommendations, the Extension agent can help interpret them if needed.
  • Video of how to submit a producer soil sample
  • Video of how to take a soil sampling for warm season turfgrass
  • Soil Sample Form

  • Sand Spurs - Southern Sandspur (sometimes called sandbur) germinate in spring and often goes unnoticed until the seedheads form. Spiny burs form the seedheads which appear during the summer and fall. For sandspur control, follow these good weed management practices to maintain healthy turf:
    (1) mowing at the recommended height for selected turfgrass species,
    (2) removing clippings when seedheads of grassy weeds are present,
    (3) applying proper fertilization at the correct time of year [April & Sept.],
    (4) using soil testing to determine nutrient needs and lime requirements, (5) applying pre-emergence herbicides before the crabgrass germinates. For more information please contact your local county Extension office, and/or visit
  • Sand Spur Management Video
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